How to use Google Gemini in India?

Just after its release, Google Gemini made the world believe AI is the future. Gemini AI is the most capable AI model ever developed. Alphabet (google’s parent company) is claiming that their AI model Gemini is better than Chat GPT. It has been release in more than 170 countries (only in the English language) including India. Here in this article, we will empower you to access this AI model and how you can use Google Gemini AI in India.

How to use Google Gemini in India?

Gemini AI is available to access in more than 170 countries including India. You can access it but it is only limit to English language and doesn’t understand Hindi. Google AI Gemini has three versions Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini ultra. Here we will break down all three versions and describe you how you can access each one in India.

Gemini nano ai

Google Gemini Nano ai is the smallest version of Gemini. It helps you while replying to the messages. iIt integrates into your Gboard and suggests fast AI replies to your messages.

Gemini Nano is only available for Google Pixel 8 devices so if you have a Pixel 8 device then Gemini Nano will automatically integrate into it and you can use it.

Gemini pro ai

Gemini Pro AI is a compelling AI model that provides real-time response, has better features, provides accuracy and efficiency, is train on vast datasets, and responds quickly. It is a very useful AI model that is integrate into Google Bard AI.

If you want to access Gemini Pro in India just log in to your Bard ai account and Gemini Pro is already integrate into it. Now you will feel the difference that Bard is better now after its integration with Gemini Pro.

Gemini ultra ai

Gemini Ultra is the most powerful AI model ever built as claim by Google. Gemini Ultra has outperformed chatgpt in many fields as the researchers said. Gemini Ultra has very advanced AI features that can change the complexion of this world.

Unfortunately Gemini Ultra is not available yet for public users. It was a rumor that Gemini Ultra would released in February but there has no chance of its release for a few months now. Google is working on it to make it better every day.


Googlе’s Gеmini AI, claiming supеriority ovеr ChatGPT. Gеmini Nano is for quick mеssagе rеpliеs on Pixеl 8 dеvicеs, whilе Gеmini Pro еnhancеs Googlе Bard AI. Gеmini Ultra, toutеd as thе most powеrful modеl, is not yеt publicly availablе, with its rеlеasе datе uncеrtain. Dеspitе dеlays, Googlе continuеs to improvе Gеmini Ultra’s capabilitiеs.

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