Google has introduced Gemini Pro in Europe to compete ChatGPT

Google introduced their most capable AI model called Gemini in December of 2023 in the USA and many other countries but they didn’t release it in Europe. Google has always been late in releasing its technologies in Europe like they did with Google Pay. And this time after 2 months of the release of Gemini pro in the US now it’s time for Gemini to be released in European countries.

How to access Gemini Pro in Europe?

Accessing the Gemini Pro version is not a difficult task now for the European people because Google has officially announced the arrival of Gemini in Europe.

Google AI Gemini Pro is integrated into Bard AI and now Bard AI’s name is changed to Gemini. So in Europe, if you want to access this tool you just have to log in to your Bard account on Google and you will be able to use Gemini.

In case if you don’t have an account on Google Bard then just go to Google Bard’s official website and make your account by following the simple signup procedure.

What is special in Gemini?

Google is claiming Gemini as their most capable AI model ever built and they are directly calling it chat gpt rival. Many studies and research are being done to show how better Gemini is from chatgpt. Gemini Pro is the largest language model which is trained on more databases than chatgpt. Many researchers also claim that Gemini has already outclassed chatgpt in all tasks.

Gemini ultra

Google has also plans to sell Gemini’s most powerful version which the world is calling “Gemini Ultra”. This version will be the most powerful version of Gemini and it will cost some bucks for a monthly subscription. Google is planning to release this AI version through the app in 2024. This version will be very helpful for programmers, content creators, marketers, and for businesses.


Google is late but they have finally released their most capable AI model “Gemini Pro” in Europe to compete with ChatGPT. The residents in Europe can now easily access it and use it legally. To access Gemini you just have to log in to your Google Bard AI account as Gemini is not integrated into Google Bard AI and Bard’s name is changed to Gemini with many new features upgraded in it. Alphabet company also plans to introduce Gemini’s most powerful version of Gemini Ultra this year.

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